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We are an A+ rated BBB merchant service contract writer.  We have been in business since November 2011.  You will not find a negative comment online or anywhere else about our company.  We are dedicated to providing our clients an upfront education that they can understand.  We pride ourselves on being transparent.  We want you to know every fee you are paying and why.  We will then provide you with our best recommendations for processing practices, equipment and offerings.  Our average customer saves 35-50% on their cc processing services.  We have created many partnerships to be able to offer you the best possible scenario in the business.  We are available 24/7 and will get back to you in a timely manner if we are unable to communicate with you right away.  We even provide our personal cell phone numbers so that you can reach us in an emergency.  If we can not help you, we will always point you in the right direction or get the right people on the phone for you.

Josh Menio 

Founder and CEO

Originally from Watkins Glen, NY (home of the Nascar/Indy Car race track), Josh had big name experience at a young age.  At 16, Josh started working with names like Speed Channel, NBC Sports, ABC Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, TNN & TNT performing various positions in racing with these entities.  He also gained experience with managing restaurants at a young age and now has 18 years’ experience in the hospitality business.  His most major achievement in that industry was being the youngest GM in corporate history with Ground Round at 20.  He has multiple degrees, most notable in advanced mathematics.  He has run Menio Global since 2011, built during his stead as an advanced mathematics teacher.  He also started and currently owns parts of several other companies, priding himself as a serial entrepreneur.

Kim Bedient

Partner & CFO

Andrew Fiorini


Jim Lee 

Partner & VP