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Ignite Payments - Menio Global is an Independent Sales Agent for Ignite Payments. We leverage all of the tools and services of First Data, the first company to process for MasterCard and Visa. We search for every opportunity to help clients obtain more value from each transaction.

5 Credit Card Processing Fees You Should NOT Be Paying

STOP THROWING YOUR MONEY OUT THE WINDOW! Courtesy of: "The Wolf Of Wall Street" There...  It had to be said. I'm sorry if I was a little rough on you. It's only because I care...really. ;) But all joking aside... A lot of us are throwing our hard earned money away, every single month, because we're not taking a few [...]

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Pay To Play – Interchange Is Your “Ante Up”

Let's Break Interchange Down A Little... We get a lot of confused looks when we sit down with folks and discuss why we prefer an Interchange Plus pricing model. So we figured it might be time for us to post a little explanation for you all.  We'll try to make it short and sweet. We're pretty confident that most of you, at [...]

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