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The Clover® Gift Card Solution

From “Happy birthday” to “Thank you,” customers love to give gift cards. And people love to get them. With Clover® Gift Cards, you can launch your own mobile gift card program in minutes.

Clover Gift Card

Benefits For Business

  • Boost sales: Bring new faces into your business. Even better, offering gift cards to customers may drive them to spend more than the value of the original gift card in your store.
  • Engage customers: Make it easy for customers to get and redeem cards right on their phones. Plus, when it’s this easy to gift and redeem, it’ll drive loyalty and foot traffic.
  • Reduce fraud: Replace paper certificates with gift cards and decrease the chances of cards being counterfeit, lost or stolen.
  • Stand out: Help your business outshine other local merchants and compete with big-box stores when you offer gift cards.

Key Components

  • Branded gift cards that eliminate the need for paper certificates
  • Ability to track balances, create promotions and issue store credit
  • Integration with your system so you can manage the entire program from one place*

*Requires eligible point-of-sale equipment