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The Clover® Insights Solution

Clover® Insights is sales analysis for small business. It harnesses your business’ transaction data to help uncover exciting new opportunities so you can better focus your activities and grow.


Insightics First Data Merchant Services Clover StationBenefits for Business

Clover® Insights uncovers the hidden stories behind sales, helping you market better and bring in new customers. Best of all, using Clover Insights is easy, and it makes running your business fun.

  • Bring in new business: Easily see your customers’ spending patterns to find more like them.
  • See how you’re performing: Understand the impact of your marketing efforts and improve future efforts.
  • Better target your marketing: Find profiles of your customers and segment them by categories like new, repeat or local, so you can market to them more effectively.
  • Scope out similar businesses: Compare sales and consumer spending trends at similar businesses to see how you stack up.

Key Components

  • Trends and benchmarking that help you track your business’ performance over time
  • Heat maps that show where your customers live and shop
  • Weather breakdowns that track how your business performs in different conditions
  • Sales analysis that gives you insight into customer behavior and buying habits
  • Clover Insights snapshots that are sent directly to you so you’re always on top of things