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We are an A+ rated BBB merchant service contract writer.  We have been in business since November 2011.  You will not find a negative comment online or anywhere else about our company.  We are dedicated to providing our clients an upfront education that they can understand.  We pride ourselves on being transparent.  We want you to know every fee you are paying and why.  We will then provide you with our best recommendations for processing practices, equipment and offerings.  Our average customer saves 35-50% on their cc processing services.  We have created many partnerships to be able to offer you the best possible scenario in the business.  We are available 24/7 and will get back to you in a timely manner if we are unable to communicate with you right away.  We even provide our personal cell phone numbers so that you can reach us in an emergency.  If we can not help you, we will always point you in the right direction or get the right people on the phone for you.

Josh Menio 

Founder and CEO

Josh Menio (JM) started at a young age assisting his family in multiple businesses from construction, contracting, sub-contracting, leasing, renting, various sales companies and real estate. At 16 he joined his father contracting with companies like Turner Broadcasting, ESPN, Speed, NBC, CBS, TNN, TNT, ABC, and Broadcast Sports Inc. (BSI). He quickly earned a rank of Team Leader which leads all staff at a production event like a professional race on TV. Primarily, this was for racing events like Nascar, Indy Car and American LeMans. He oversaw teams of 50-100 people at the age of 18 and continued at that rank (not wanting to move up due to different full-time career aspirations) until he was 30 years old, part time.

While in college, JM worked his way up from the bottom to GM in several national chain restaurants like Ground Round, Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays and Fridays to name a few. JM won the award for “youngest GM in corporate history” at Ground Round at the age of 20. While transferring to a different college, he moved back to the lower Finger Lakes region and started managing sales for a well-respected and world-renown winery. He took that winery from a small local winery, making roughly $3M per year in revenue, to selling on the west coast and east coast, with far more distribution increasing revenues to $18M within 2 years.

After graduating with a 4-year degree from Keuka College in Mathematics and Education, JM gained a teaching position in Syracuse teaching advanced mathematics in January 2009. He became the highest scoring math teacher in the district (#1 out of 250) in his second year and remained #1 for the 6 years he taught. During that time he was presented with the Syracuse Everyday Hero’s award by the NHL and was also given a top NYS teacher award by the Buffalo Bills in conjunction with M&T Bank due to his scores and ranking amongst other math teachers in the state. Before leaving the teaching profession, JM earned two Master’s degrees and stopped one semester short of a Doctorate.

Knowing he had no way to go “up” in the teaching profession, he contracted with First Data (now Fiserv) to start his own company, Menio Global. Menio Global contracted with First Data in November of 2011 and after completing all training and certifications, began doing “real” business in 2016. Starting with only 3 people, no investment, no experience and no network, he helped build Menio Global from a US-only company processing in the multi-millions of dollars in billings annually, to a company doing business in 185 countries and processing tens of billions of dollars in billings annually. Throughout the process of building the company, he met thousands of C-level executives, billionaires, millionaires, investors, celebrities, pro athletes, government and military officials. He is well known and respected in the business community and has become known as “the guy who has every connection you could ever want.”

While getting into other ventures, not-related to Menio Global, JM decided to open Menio Consulting (MC). Menio Consulting monetizes his network and performs various services to create revenue. MC connects companies, people, services and products together. MC helps grow startups quickly, brings investors to opportunities, brings buyers to companies that want to sell and brings sales to companies that want to grow. MC prides itself on thinking outside the box to sell and grow, and also assists companies setup correctly or rebuild/revamp. During these business experiences, JM decided it was time to use his network to build a growing company in the PPE space. JM quickly became known as a “Master in PPE” by his colleagues. They buy, connect, sell, provide logistics, and finance PPE for buyers, sellers, and brokers. They have several groups they work with but typically work with their own main group, which has over 30 direct manufacturing contracts and has its own Russian Cargo Planes. This allows MC to offer the highest quality of products at the lowest prices. JM has negotiated several exclusive deals for MC and MG and prides himself on landing exclusive deals so that his companies can be differentiators in such flooded markets.

He currently owns or is part owner of several companies. His business partners range from family and startup entrepreneurs to billionaires, government officials, high-ranking military, ex-military, and military contractors, pro athletes and celebrities. His relationships are his most valuable asset. He protects these connections with the utmost care and responsibility. He’s known to uphold any deal he’s ever made whether it was agreed upon on a napkin in a restaurant, in official legal documentation, verbally or simply by handshake. He is a firm believer in “a deal is a deal” and rarely considers re-negotiation as it sours relationships. He believes negotiation should be done up front, fairly, and friendly. He is also known to work quickly so be ready!

Kim Bedient

Partner & CFO

With over 30 years of experience in finance, mortgages, banking and loan origination, Kimberly brings the experience and financial guidance to help Menio Global grow over the years. She is a published author on Amazon and dedicated her book to a fellow female powerhouse, Oprah Winfrey.

Jim Lee 

Partner & VP

Jim Lee is most notably known for his basketball career at Syracuse University. He helped take SU to the school’s first Final Four in 1975, where he was on the all tournament team in both the Eastern Regionals and the Final Four that year. He also led the NCAA Tournament in scoring. He was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA and later signed with the San Antonio Spurs of the ABA.

Jim also shares his math educator background along with Josh Menio. He brings business development skills and sales experience as he had great success with two large Petroleum Distribution Companies in the Northeast, drastically growing both companies with his transparent and customer oriented demeanor. He has been very successful in helping Menio Global grow its’ sales and customer base since becoming involved in the business.