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Frequently Asked Questions

I just want to know my rates. Why do I need to give so much information?

By seeing your 3 most recent credit card processing statements, we can do a line item analysis to find quarterly, bi-annually, and annual fees that you may not be aware of, as well as a full review of your interchange and assessments to make sure they are not marked up or padded. Many processors do this to hide extra costs. Due to our proprietary offerings, we can help you save on these huge costs in many situations where as 99% of our competition has no ability to do this.

I’ve looked up most ISOs/CC Processing companies and they all seem to have low customer service ratings. What is yours?

We actually have an A+ rating with the BBB. Feel free to click here and learn more. We have ZERO negative feedback or complaints. Ever. How is this possible? We firmly believe our model is the case. Most organizations in our industry hand you off to some 800 number and IF they find your account or IF they even answer the phone or IF they ever get back to you, that support agent has no drive or incentive to take care of you. Our Agents are paid by residuals so if we lose a customer, they lose residuals, thus money out of their pocket. So, every customer is like their own and they will do anything to take care of you. All of our accounts are referred, no cold-called accounts. We have a different mentality and relationship with our customers. We know them. Many times they become our friends.

My rates have always gone up. Everyone I work with has promised me they won’t do that but then do it. Will your rates go up?

Great Question! We are the only ones we know of that actually put it in writing that our cc processing rates and fees will not go up for as long as you process with us. Please keep in mind that every spring and fall, its traditional for Interchange & Assessments to rise (Visa, MasterCard and the card brands) as costs rise. This we can’t stop but we do have measures of helping you drastically reduce this. Ask how?