We have strategically partnered with many companies to offer you the best experience as a merchant. Below are the partnerships and explanations we have in place currently.

First Data

Our main merchant services provider. They own the majority of the market in the U.S. This is mainly due to a security that has never had a breach (TransArmor). Most major retailers process with First Data directly due to their security and pricing. Major clients include Walmart, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, PayPal and Apple.

Card Connect

Menio Global is a top agent of Card Connect, the new direct channel of First Data. First Data acquired Card Connect spring of 2017. This was mainly due to their proprietary gateway/software offering CardPointe, which has a virtual terminal that allows for all payment types including ACH and recurring payments, state of the art reporting and payment management, as well as chargeback notifications and management software. Card Connect’s proprietary offerings are only available through Card Connect and not through any other reseller of First Data (Bank of America, M&T, Santander, BBVT, KeyBank, CitiBank, etc.). This gives us a major advantage over any other reseller of First Data. This technology’s most important asset is its’ automated Interchange lowering abilities for card-present and card-not-present transactions. This is the only artificial intelligent software on the market that works automatically to save on interchange.


We are one of three merchant service providers that offer PAAY software. This software is for eCommerce merchants only in its current state of version 1.0. This technology saves on interchange and chargebacks for eCommerce merchants for the majority of their MasterCard and Visa transactions. For transactions that qualify in their dashboard, you the merchant will save a set amount of basis points off of your interchange as well as chargeback revenue and chargeback fees on those qualified transactions. This is revenue you would not normally be able to save on if you do not have this technology. This technology is very simple to integrate. It is undetectable and does not change the customer experience, nor change the amount of approvals or denials.

High-Risk Merchant Services

We have set up many partnerships to allow for High-Risk Merchants to save on their processing, lower their risk profile and get more processing volume with little or no hold back. We understand the issues that high risk merchants face, and we can help you.

Micros & Other Software

We have partnered with many software providers to offer you the best deal for pricing on equipment and for gateway fees. Please ask us for help or an offering list of our software. We integrate with over 1,000 software in the merchant service industry.

Utility Program – Through Visa & MasterCard

This program is for merchants who are public service oriented – power companies, water companies, sanitary services companies, etc. This allows for these specific merchants to save on Interchange drastically reducing costs by 50-90%. Ask us “how you can save” on this offering.